Goals Are Like Good Workouts, But You Must Start By Being Realistic!

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There's a story about a beggar that could be found on the same corner every day begging. One day a man spoke life into him and told him he doesn't have to beg and that he could be anything he desired if he'd follow his dreams and goals. So, the man asked the beggar about his dreams and goals. The beggar said I like tomatoes, I would like to sell tomatoes, said the beggar! The man said, have a friend that can show you how to get a license to own and operate a Fruit & Vegetable Cart... So, as the story goes the man kept his word and assisted in the Licensing part of the plan. Later what was a beggar, is now an Owner Operator and Entrepreneur. He can now be found on that same corner every day, selling to the same folks that counted him out before but are now his most loyal customers.

Some good years later, that same old beggar turned businessman, was able to leverage an opportunity to secure store property on that same corner. He now owns a Fresh Produce Store, has a few employees, and a family. Plus he can still be found on that same corner open for business Monday through Friday.

Just like this story about the beggar, our individual goals are like good workouts. We can't start off lifting every weight in the gym, or running a Mini Marathon in a week. But if we start by being practical and set realistic goals, we can track our progress, and train to achieve our desired success.

Therefore, I challenge you to exercise your dreams, set realistic goals, and turn them into a good workout that will build you up, and grow you into a place where you can be found faithfully doing what you were purpose to do.

Harry Thomas Sr. - Team 35P@RK


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